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Sonique Anti-Aging Light Therapy System
Sonique Anti-Aging Light Therapy cleansing system
Sonique facial cleansing system
Anti-Aging cleansing system
Sonique Anti-Aging Light Therapy Cleansing System Bright Amos


Bright Amos

Sonique Anti-Aging Light Therapy Cleansing System

The Sonique Anti-Aging Light Therapy Cleansing System is a breakthrough in facial cleansing, combining LED light therapy with Sonique cleansing technology making it the ultimate device in skincare.


The LED's work to treat and clean the skin in depth exfoliating and promoting fresh brighter skin. With anti-aging and anti-wrinkle technology encouraging cell production while the sonic vibrations work to massages the skin and open the pores for a deeper clean, leaving your skin with a healthier appearance. It comes with two interchangeable silicone treatment heads, one provides a cleansing brush head and the other provides a massage brush.


  • Anti-Aging effects include wrinkle/line reduction and prevention, skin tone and color enhancement.
  • In addition to anti-aging effects, powerful infrared (IR) LED lights to support skin healing and recovery activity.
  • FDA- cleared 
  • LED lights cover a large treatment area.
  • Safe and natural with no side effects.
  • Medically proven, clinically tested.
  • 3 minute treatment time.
  • Auto shut off feature.


Handheld Device

2 Interchangeable Silicone Treatment Heads

USB Charging Cord

Power Adapter

User Guide