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Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy - Bright Amos
Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy Bright Amos
Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy Bright Amos
Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy Bright Amos
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Bright Amos

Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy

Breakouts can be tricky to treat, but it shouldn't be a struggle. Eliminate acne-causing bacteria, pores, and acne scars by treating and restoring your skin with clinically proven and dermatologist recommended Quasar Baby Blue Light Therapy.

fda approved


Quasar MD Blue Light Therapy uses powerful, high output 415 nanometers LED light, proven to kill acne-causing bacteria to minimize blemishes and prevent breakouts anywhere on the body. Unlike topical products, the blue light penetrates deep into pores, where the bacteria do the most damage. With the Quasar Baby Blue Therapy, you can rid of harsh, drying acne products and expensive medications. 100% natural and a chemical-free solution to clearing acne. It is non-invasive, gentle, painless and safe for all skin types.


Quasar MD Baby Blue is a smaller portable size, and convenient for travel compared to Quasar MD Blue. It has a treatment head measuring 1.5" in diameter and uses 3mm LED lights. Easy to use, at-home comfort.

How To Use:

Simply apply the light directly to the skin and slowly move the device in a circular or back and forth motion to distribute the light evenly. Treat each area of concern or areas you are prone to getting acne for 4 minutes. Use 3-4 times per week. For best results can be combined with Baby Quasar Plus (red light therapy) for both anti-aging and blemish control. (For more information about Quasar MD products and usage, please see our resources menu)


Quasar Baby Blue, Storage Pouch, Power Supply, Goggles, Lens Cap (to protect LEDs and allow use by different persons), Instruction Manual.