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Pain Relief Light Therapy dpl® Compression Wrap Bright Amos

Bright Amos

Pain Relief Light Therapy dpl® Compression Wrap

Combining compression technology with light therapy. It provides the optimal level of consistent compression right where you need it. Increasing blood flow and sending more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Blood flow and velocity are increased when the vein walls constrict, which speeds the rate of recovery from injury and provides relief from soreness. At the same time, infrared lights reach deep beneath the skin, for quicker recovery and fast pain relief. dpl® Compression Wrap is designed to provide the optimal level of consistent compression. Feel better in just 20 minutes!

Perfect for sports injuries, arthritis, neuropathy, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder stiffness, sore back, ankle swelling, tissue repair, and more...

How to use:

Attach compression wrap to the back of the pad, which is the side without the logo. Insert fully charged USB power bank into the pocket at end of compression wrap (optional, may also be used with a USB power adapter for a standard electrical outlet). Insert the USB cord into a power bank, lights will turn on. You can only see the red LEDs; the others in the infrared light spectrum and can’t be seen with the human eye. Place device lights down on the treatment area then wrap compression wrap around the body area (back, leg, arm, etc.) to the preferred tightness and comfort. Treatment time is 20 minutes and may be used multiple times per day.


dpl® Pain Relief LED Pad made of flexible neoprene material

Compression wrap

One-year warranty

Instruction manual