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Foreo UFO 2 Pearl
UFO 2 Pearl Pink
UFO 2 Device
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UFO 2 Fuchsia
UFO 2 Fuchsia
UFO 2 Device
Foreo UFO 2 Mask
UFO 2 device
UFO 2 mask device
Foreo UFO 2 mask

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Foreo UFO 2

 Foreo UFO 2 - 90-Second Power Mask & Light Therapy Device 

 Get A Free Activated Mask With Any UFO 2 Purchase!

With T-Sonic facial massaging, full-spectrum LED light therapy, upgraded tech, faster heating and cooling, and optimized app- LED treatments, UFO 2 is like a Swiss Army Knife of the beauty world. UFO 2's hyper-infusion technology drives mask essence deeper into your face to get nutrients down where they work best-below the surface. Add it all up and you get the most comprehensive mask treatment on the planet, in two minutes or less - Your future obsession!


Designed to be used with the UFO activated sheet masks, the UFO 2 is preprogrammed with the optimal temperature, pulsation intensity, and LED wavelengths to activate the benefits of each single-use mask (sold separately)

Key Benefits:

Lifts and firms skin

Diminishes the appearance of pores and reduces inflammation 

Erases signs of aging

Kills acne-causing bacteria

Brightens dull complexion 

How To Use

Download the Foreo For You app, and scan the barcode on the mask or the box of masks. Clip the mask onto your UFO 2 or UFO mini 2 with the attachment ring. Press the start button and follow the app instructions.

Feed your skin with exactly what it needs to stay fresh, hydrated, and packed with nutrients for up to six hours.


UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment Device

UFO Activated Mask


USB Cable

Warranty -2 Years

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