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Be a BrightAmos Guru

 Mention @BrightAmosNYC and earn cashback. Earn rewards for sharing Instagram stories about BrightAmos.

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BrightAmos Guru Club

How It Works


BrightAmos Shop

Simply make your purchase and create a Guru Club account. Pay the full amount now and receive cashback later.


BrightAmos Share
Within 30 days, share a photo or video of your purchase on your Instagram story. Make sure to tag @brightamosnyc in your story.


BrightAmos cashback

After 24 hours, your cashback will start processing automatically. It’s that easy!


Let’s say you made a $100 purchase, eligible for $20 back.
1.Create or log into your Guru Club Account and check out, paying the full $100.
2. Share a fun, creative story on Instagram and @brightamosnyc the brand.
3. After 24 hours, your $20 cashback will start processing automatically.



BrightAmos Guru Club


Guru Club FAQs


How do I check out using Guru Club?

You can create your Guru Club account before, during, or even after your purchase. Simply use the same email address for your Guru Club account and your Shopify checkout to ensure the cashback reward goes to the right person – you!

How do I create a Guru Club account?

Creating an account is quick and easy. Simply provide your email and Instagram. We’ll let you know instantly if you qualify.

Who qualifies for Guru Club?

Almost anyone! All you need is an active, public Instagram account. Guru Club uses an algorithm to detect fraud and account inactivity. If your account does not qualify, you will be immediately notified.

Why are there qualifications for Guru Club?

We want to help everyday shoppers earn rewards on their purchases by sharing their creativity and showing some brand love. We want to keep spam or fake accounts out of it – real, authentic people make the best gurus!

How do I get cashback?

It’s easy: simply @brightamosnyc the brand’s Instagram in your story within 60 days of purchase and leave it up for the full 24 hours. Our system automatically validates your authentic story and sends your cashback as a partial refund to the payment method from the original purchase.

Where does my cashback go?

Your cashback will go straight back to the payment method you used to make your purchase. It will appear as a partial refund on that purchase within 3-5 days.

How much do I pay now?

You pay the full price now, but you’ll earn the cashback as soon as your story tagging the brand reaches the 24-hour mark. If you bought a $100 item with $20 cashback, you’ll see the $20 cashback as a partial refund on whatever payment method you used..

What is a tip?

A tip is additional store credit the brand can choose to give you if they love what you post. Tips from the brand can only be used with that store and is separate from the cashback reward set for the item. Check out our advice about earning tips from brands.

Does each item offering cashback require its own story post?

Yes, you must share at least one Instagram story per item to receive cashback.

What happens if I don't share an Instagram story within 60 days?

If you don’t share an Instagram story that @mentions the brand within 60 days, there’s no penalty – but there’s no reward either! You won’t get your cashback, the opportunity to create content and be recognized, or the chance to get tipped by the brand… don’t miss out. Share your story and be a guru...