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Bright Amos

Omega Bright LED Light Therapy Photon Device

Omega Bright light therapy is a powerful medical-grade treatment that improves skin conditions such as acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dull skin, and sensitive skin. Developed by South Korea advanced medical center with 25+ years of research and countless clinical trials advancing in professional dermatological home equipment with the same technology used in medical spas that guarantee clear, visible skincare results for a flawless complexion. 

Omega Bright makes use of four essential high-power LED lights at various wavelengths: blue light (423nm), green light (532nm), yellow light (583nm), red light (640nm). Additionally, these lights can be used simultaneously combining purple and white light utilizing special near-infrared SMD LED elements to enhance further healing properties for maximum results. SMD near-infrared LEDs cure-all skin problems by destroying sebaceous glands without any side-effects, even for those with sensitive skin. Omega Bright offers safe, pain-free, smart, and effective medical-grade treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Healing Light Properties

Yellow Light-used for photo-rejuvenation with 1-2 mm penetration depth stimulates red blood cells and improving cells oxygen alternation function, promoting micro-circulation, decomposing pigment, relieving skin swelling, curing skin roughness, red spots, and deficient circulations.   

Blue Light-used for the treatment of acne with 1 mm penetration depth killing bacteria, skin clearing, cell activation, injury recovery, reduces inflammation and scarring, promotes protein ossein composition.

Red Light-used for photodynamic therapy. The most penetrating power with 1.6 mm penetration depth promoting recycling and increase oxygen content in the blood, activating cells, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting collagen proliferation, and improving wrinkles. Provides effective treatment for aging, skin relaxation, pain relief, and enhancing the absorption of skincare products.

Green Light-used for decreasing pigmentation with 0.5-2 mm penetration depth, extremely effective in calming sensitive skin, reduction of melanin cells, adjustment of skin gland function, balance oily skin, relieve mental stress.

For those days with no extra time to spare:

Use the Purple light therapy -manipulating wavelengths for a single multi-purpose treatment: A combination of red and blue light which is highly effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion while the blue light performs in treating acne, inflammation, and scarring.


Safe for home or salon use - Omega Bright is designed using high-quality technology, no batteries to be charged, easily assembled, and detachable into 3 separate panels.

Omega LED light therapy

Can be used on any flat surface and adjusted to fit your own unique face shape by positioning the chin and forehead rests making it convenient and a comfortable alternative to handheld devices.

UV and EMF Free. The lights have an automatics shut-off feature with a sound alert after every 15-20 minutes of treatment time.

100% Safe for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, even on maximum setting. Each level of LED light's energy output can be adjusted to accommodate your skin sensitivity level.

How To Use Omega Bright LED Device

Cleanse your face well from makeup before using the Omega Bright device. After cleansing, we recommend using a quality skincare product such as serum of your choice. Avoid products containing Vitamin A (Retin-A) and should only be used after your LED treatment as these products may block the LED light from penetrating into the skin. 

Put on the safety goggles provided, (if using on your face) and place the Omega Bright device over your head on a flat surface. Switch on the device, and allow approximately 20 minutes for each daily session. We recommend using Omega Bright daily for the first week, as this will provide optimal results.


Omega Bright LED Light Therapy Photon Device

Power Adapter 

Protective Eye Goggles

User Manual 



How many lights are in the Omega Bright device?

There are 287 lights and 90 infrared.

Do I have to use goggles during my treatment or can I just keep my eyes closed?

We don't advise using it without the goggles.

Does the Omega device have infrared light?

Yes, the infrared light is automatically on with any color you choose.

Which light is best for wrinkles and rosacea?

Red light is best for wrinkles and yellow for rosacea. You can use red light for moderate rosacea as well.

Is the Omega device FDA cleared and does it screen ultraviolet radiation?

Yes, the Omega Bright device is FDA cleared and it does not emit ultraviolet radiation.

How many treatments can you do at one time?

You can do 30 minutes per color light, or you can turn 2 color lights at the same time.

What is the wattage/power output?

The total is 150W output.

Can you put anything on the skin before treatment such as serum, mask, or cream?

You can leave your skin bare, or apply a serum or gel mask/sheet mask. If using a mask, we recommend the mask to be see-through (clear) and not contain sunscreen as it may prevent the LEDs to penetrate through the skin.