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rf EMS LED therapy device
Microcurrent Light therapy device
RF EMS facial light therapy device
LED light therapy facial device
rf facial rejuvenation device
EMS RF facial rejuvenation device

Bright Amos

BrightAmos Anti-Aging LED Therapy Facial Device

The RF/EMS LED Therapy device is a spa-grade, at-home LED light therapy solution. This device rejuvenates your skin by using the wavelength combinations of light therapy, RF and EMS microcurrent pulsations, electroporation, mesoporation, and sonic vibrations.

A sophisticated tool, our RF/EMS LED device delivers six treatments in one, minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, and results in youthful skin - that gets better with every use. With this all-in-one customizable device, you can choose the results you want for your skin and take anti-aging to the next level.

Your LED Treatment

LED or light-emitting diode therapy is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, to regenerate the skin from aging, sun damage, stretch marks, redness, and acne.

Blue Wavelength-415nm reduces inflammation, scarring, and acne.

Red Wavelength-630nm stimulates skin cells and boosts collagen to firm skin texture.

Yellow Wavelength-590nm fades dark spots, freckles, and acne scarring. Can also improve circulation on your skin and minimize redness.

Green Wavelength-525nm assists with smoothing out wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

Purple Wavelength-390nm increases cell regeneration and improves microcirculation.

Cyan Wavelength-490nm mitigates inflammation, neutralize, balance, stabilizes the skin.

White- relaxing, restoring and brings vitality to dull and lifeless complexions.

Your EMS and RF Treatment

EMS microcurrent treatments use a low level of electrical current that helps to re-educate the facial muscles, even skin tone, and improve product penetration so that your skin gets the most out of your skincare ingredients. With EMS therapy you will be able to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids, and improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

RF- radio frequency has the capacity to apply heat to the skin's deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production which ultimately encourages cell turnover and is used to tighten the skin wheres EMS is used to tighten the muscle.

Both treatments are safe and pain-free. EMS and RF treatments are not only compatible but also work extremely well together to enhance each other's results by targeting different areas of concern and layers of the skin and muscle.

What's Included

Smart Ultrasonic LED Therapy Facial Device

1 charging USB cable

1 Travel Pouch

1 User Guide

1 Year Warranty


Can I use this anti-aging device with my own skincare products?

Absolutely! You can use your own products (serums, moisturizers, and/or creams) in conjunction with your treatments. We recommend incorporating products that contain conductive ingredients (e.g. aloe vera) to fully benefit from microcurrent technology. If you use products without conductive ingredients, you can still benefit from the device's other features.

What type of results can I expect using my anti-aging device?

Most users will feel results after their first treatment, but visible results are cumulative and most effective when implemented into a consistent routine. Results may vary, but usually, become apparent after two weeks of regular usage.

Can I use my anti-aging device with retinol?

You can still include retinol in your routine, but we do not recommend using products that contain retinol in the same session as your RF, EMS treatment. If you have any concerns, please speak with your physician as everyone's skin is different and they will be in the best position to address your concerns.

Can I use Rf, microcurrents if I had Botox or Juvederm?

Yes, you can use your anti-aging device if you’ve had Botox® or Juvederm® in the past. If you recently have had either of these procedures, we recommend consulting with your physician on how long you should wait before using the anti-aging therapy device. Rf, microcurrent treatments will not melt fillers however, with vibration and massage, the effects of fillers may not be very apparent as the device may disperse the product. When combining therapies, we recommend consulting your medical professional.

How often can I use my anti-aging therapy device?

That's entirely up to you depending on your goals and the quality of your skin. We recommend starting out at five minutes per day for the first few days. As your skin acclimates, you can use it for longer and as frequently as desired (up to 30 minutes).

Your treatment frequency is important, especially if you need to build collagen to reduce scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. The more consistent your treatment is, the better and quicker your results will be. Always be mindful of how your skin reacts to beauty devices and decrease usage if your skin needs a break.

Can I put on makeup immediately after my treatment?

Yes, you can continue with your regular routine once you have completed your treatment. We recommend using a moisturizer first to soothe and hydrate your skin.